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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  May 7, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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tax for more cops and antiviolence programs and they don't. >> uhm, antiviolence programs? sure. >> reporter: but not cops? >> i don't know. i think -- i think a lot of people don't trust police in the first place. >> reporter: that mixed message was driven home by a kpix 5/surveyusa poll that found while most oaklanders want more cops only 41% were ready to pay an extra $98 a year to the existing parcel tax for public safety in order to pay for them. and 77% felt the current puic safety tax money which promised more cops wasn't being spent well. >> we paid the extra and then they got laid off. and we're still paying the extra. >> there's a lack of trust. in the previous efforts, we have said we were going to do all these things and we didn't even come close. >> we have got to create more confidence. >> reporter: plus, asking voters for more money and losing could wind up costing
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oakland the tax they already have and the 60 cops it helps pay for. >> it's hard for me to get into the exact numbers but it would be enough that it would make a big difference. >> reporter: so instead of rolling the dice, city officials are going to ask voters just to reapprove the existing tax and no more which city polls show 77% of the voters support. and the kpix 5/surveyusa poll shows 66% support. either way, much better odds. >> it's great news as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: this was a classic case of double down or nothing. double or nothing they could have doubled the tax or tried to this november, but if the voters said no, they would have been left with nothing and actually even fewer cops. given that choice, they are just going to have to live with the status quo for this year figuring that's the best they can do. elizabeth? >> they got to change something, though. it has to get safer there. all right, phil, thank you. new at 6:00 we are giving you a special look at a
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surveillance video that sparked a big lawsuit and multi-million dollar verdict. you're about to see what happens when an ac transit bus hits a speed bump. watch this woman right here. she goes flying! but what you don't see is much sympathy coming from the driver. john ramos has the story. >> reporter: maria francisco of richmond thought it would be an uneventful bus ride through san pablo in 2011. her attorney says the ac transit drive was going twice the speed limit when she hit the speed bump launching francisco up in the air. >> so she took forces over 1,000 pounds which would be the equivalent of one striking you with a sledgehammer which caused a burst fracture in her spinal cord. >> reporter: a fellow passenger began calling for the driver to take her to the hospital. >> go to the hospital! >> reporter: but the on board video shows the bus driver
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walking back and threatening francisco with arrest if she was faking. [ inaudible ] >> y'all faking i'm telling you know, they don't -- they gonna prosecute y'all. >> i'm not faking! >> not only was she in severe pain but she was scared to death and i cannot believe that the ac transit administration and management allows their employees to act in such a manner. >> okay. you said you need a ambulance, you know you got to pay for it. >> reporter: the attorney says despite the video ac transit denied they had done anything wrong and refused to settle. the jury disagreed and awarded francisco $14.3 million. they also awarded $1 million to her 4-year-old daughter for emotional distress. >> and they continue to keep their head in the sand and ar in denial and refuse to accept any responsibility whatsoever. >> reporter: the attorney says at trial, a defense medical expert actually testified that the victim may have been more likely to react to pain because
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she is hispanic. and he says the driver is still employed by the transit agency. in oakland, john ramos, kpix 5. >> well, a spokesman for ac transit declined our interview today but said they are mulling over the verdict and still deciding what their next steps will be. an update tonight on our exclusive story about chrysler cars at risk for stalling. there is yet another delay in notifying more than 150,000 chrysler owners of a fuel tank condition that could cause sudden stalls. chrysler was supposed to have notified drivers back in january. now, following our investigation, both the government and chrysler said that final notices to drivers went out yesterday. today we find that's not the case. chrysler admits it will be another week at least before it begins to send out notices. so far, more than 1300 2005 and 2006 chrysler 300s, dodge chargers and magnums have
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reportedly stalled on the roads. chrysler had extended the fuel tank warranty to cover the fix. palo alto-based tesla lost nearly $50 million in the 1st quarter. that's because costs are up as the electric car company expands its line-up. but tesla says revenue is up, as well. shares are down 7% in after- hours trading. meanwhile, tesla says california is back in the running for that massive battery plant it starts to build this year. it's looking at nevada, arizona and texas. linkedin is reportedly eyeing a site in mountain view at shoreline boulevard and 101 for its next major expansion project. len ramirez is live from there tonight. len, the company seems to be on quite the buying spree lately. >> reporter: no question about it, liz. linkedin is growing fast. it started with this one main building behind me several years ago. it now occupies five more buildings in this area. more buildings are going to
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open up in sunnyvale and even that isn't big enough. the question now, is the city of mountain view big enough? almost everywhere you look in silicon valley, another high- tech building is taking shape. and the professional social networking site linkedin is one of the companies leading the latest building boom. the company's massive new sunnyvale complex is about to open but even this won't be big enough. linkedin just filed papers with the city of mountain view for a headquarters expansion of more than 2.5 million square feet enough space for 10,000 workers. >> i was very happy that linkedin would like to stay here and keep their headquarters here in mountain view. >> reporter: but the mayor is also worried there might be too much of a good thing when it comes to expanding high-tech companies in the north bayshore area. it's already home to tech titans google and microsoft. shoreline boulevard is team, with traffic during most parts of the -- teeming with traffic during most part of the day and it's driving up rent. >> we are hoping to pass a plan at the end of the year that
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really looks at how much growth can north bayshore absorb. we'll evaluate everything at the end of the day. if it needs to be scaled back, we'll scale it back. >> reporter: linkedin has no comment saying the plans are preliminary but it is eyeing this chunk of land next to highway 101 with an older small business park home to a laser tag company, a togo's and gold's gym that might be forced out. customers say it's a combination of positives and negatives. >> that kind of economic growth is what powers this part of the bay area. >> when you get these really big companies like google and linkedin and stuff it kind of pushes out the little guy. to me, i think there should be a limit to that kind of stuff. >> reporter: it's the kind of growing pain most cities in america would love to have. in mountain view,len ramirez, kpix 5. >> linkedin is still growing its worldwide head count over 5,000 employees with about half of them in silicon valley. other bay area headlines, a raging fire under the eastshore freeway in berkeley this afternoon. smoke visible for miles. nobody was hurt.
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but two men were taken in for questioning at the scene. investigators think that fire started in a homeless encampment. a false alarm at mineta san jose international airport this morning. the fire alarms went off and terminal b prompting all passengers and staffers there to evacuate. the fire department blames an equipment malfunction. they gave the "all clear" at 10:15. san francisco police looking for the people who were inside this black car that hit a pedestrian and another vehicle before smashing into this building. this happened last night in the marina district near franklin and chestnut. two people got hurt but are expected to be okay. president obama is paying another visit to the bay area. he is due in silicon valley tomorrow to raise money for the upcoming elections. on friday, he is scheduled to appear at the walmart in mountain view to talk energy efficiency. fearing it could be a medical disaster, tonight how nurses are trying to bring back to life a bay area hospital on life support. >> plus horror over the way a
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post office dealt with a bird problem. >> mainly sunny skies along the embarcadero in san francisco right now. but coming up, we'll talk about when the wind returns and when 90-degree temperatures return coming up in about 6 minutes. >> very rare to see something like this. it truly is. >> after he had his identity stolen, how a bay area crime victim outsmarted the crooks.
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i'm ro khanna and i approve this message, for death. "doctors hosp new at 6:00, a frantic push to save an east bay hospital destined for death. doctors hospital in san pablo will close this summer after voters rejected a parcel tax. our ryan takeo spoke with patients left saying you know what? >> it's a lot of people that ain't gonna have nowhere to go. >> doctors hospital serves thousands who don't have much of a choice in where they get
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healthcare. >> 90% of our patients are either on medi-cal, medicare or uninsured. >> reporter: doctors administrators say that math is to blame for being about $18 million in debt that's only getting deeper. voters have approved a couple of parcel taxes in recent years. but not yesterday. >> i think people are tax fatigued in west county. >> are you serious?! >> reporter: janice had no idea until we told her. >> it could close as early as july?! >> reporter: her hospital is set to close. >> doctors, that's going to be really bad. >> reporter: she says her grandson, who has asthma, relies on it. and they don't have a car. >> he have attack, where -- i don't know what we supposed to do on that. >> reporter: the nurses union says the closure would be a medical disaster for the region. >> and without the hospital being open, i don't know where they're going to go. >> reporter: if doctors closes, west contra costa will only have one emergency room, kaiser richmond but it wouldn't be able to handle all the area's e.r. calls. ambulances would have to take
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some patients to either berkeley or martinez. the nurses union is trying to get county supervisors to take over the hospital but john gioa says that won't happen. >> unfortunately, the county doesn't have $18 million to take over the hospital because what that would do is cause the county to have to cut its own health services. >> meanwhile, patients like janice worry about what's next. in san pablo, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> county clinics will likely have to pick up the slack for patients who don't need emergency care. an "oakland post" office is under fire for how it handled a messy bird problem. juliette goodrich shows us a bunch of baby birds took the fall. juliette. >> reporter: well, liz, those post office trucks are parked right under the trees. and those trees have birds and they make a mess. so when the post office hired a crew to trim the trees, some of the baby chicks fell 30 feet to the ground and witnesses fear eggs and nests may have landed
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in a wood chipper. five rescued chicks are now being cared for at the international bird rescue in fairfield. they are just one to three weeks old, knocked out of their nests during the tree trimming and injured from a fall. this little one's beak was damaged. >> so far none of these appear to have any sort of infections going on. they seem healthy but bruised. >> reporter: they are black crown night herons and nest in city owned trees around the post office and everywhere. but they make a mess and that was getting on the city's postal trucks. just like it did to this parking meter. what is the protocol then on tree trimming? >> hands off. hands off. you cannot disturb anything that's nesting during this time. >> reporter: but the post office hired campos tree service to trim the trees. a concerned neighbor took this phone video when it was happening. it was n independent contractor who borrowed the truck and equipment to do the job. he told me injuring the birds was an accident and he is to
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blame. >> human beings, we all make mistakes and i'm fully responsible for it. if i have to go to jail for that i'll be more than happy to do it because i made a mistake. >> reporter: state and federal wildlife officials are investigating because nest destruction may have violated the u.s. migratory bird treaty act. nearby residents don't know who to blame. >> it's just frustrating to see these trees get whacked and the birds right when they're nesting. i don't want to know if there were any active nests destroyed. >> reporter: at this point there are no reports of any birds dying or nest eggs destroyed. as for the postal service, they say that this is a terrible accident. they would never want to hurt any wildlife and they say in fact they issue stamps to protect birds. in oakland, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> killing nesting migratory birds is a crime. there are no confirmed deaths in this case, only injuries. a team of california scientists have determined there are no signs of radiation
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detected on the west coast shoreline. inaccurate reports on social media, that's what stoked the fears that radiation from japan's fukushima nuclear power plant disaster had somehow come our way! but researchers now say our coastline is completely safe based on samples of kelp collected and analyzed between february and march. the group is closely monitoring the situation and will test again in july. all right. you have heard of a solar flare but this is a solar explosion! nasa just released there video. the blast shooting off the sun's surface last month. these eruptions are common but we are getting a better look at them now thanks to napa's solar dynamics observatory. >> that is so neat. it's about to get warmer in the bay area. chief meteorologist paul deanno is out enjoying the breezy weather today on the embarcadero. >> breezy and beautiful in san
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francisco. good night for a soccer match. we're cross from the ferry building and a four on four pickup game going on. it's not the warmest day in san francisco history but it's comfortable to wear short sleeves or maybe a light jacket. high temperatures today from a breezy dublin cam where we barely made it into the 70s. san jose 70 today. san bruno only 64. hayward 62. san francisco today officially in the financial district only 62 degrees. overnight tonight, as a blanket of cloud cover moves in just like you at home put a blanket on top of you to stay warm, mother nature is doing the same for us tonight. with that increase in cloud cover, lows will generally be in the low 50s. concord 52. redwood city 50. san rafael 50. and san jose 51. cue the ambulance. [ siren ] >> what's going on the next couple of days? we have a low pressure area tomorrow that will pass by to the north firing off a few showers in the north bay. so drizzle along the coastline
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and at a minimum it will be cloudy and cool tomorrow. low moves out allowing the big ridge to move in which will get us sunnier and warmer but windy especially on saturday as that low moves out. we're indicate right in between the two pressure systems and we are going to be pretty breezy to windy coming up on saturday. your highs tomorrow, with that tiniest chance of a shower, santa rosa 58. oakland -- excuse me, 68. oakland 67. livermore will hit 70 tomorrow. fremont 67. mainly cloudy day and chance of a few showers. here's the forecast for the next seven days. friday, saturday sunny, windy, highs in the 70s inland, upper 60s near the bay. mother's days sunday! it's going to be a warm one. 85 inland. 75 near the bay. we are not done warming up yet. by the middle of next week, we are in the 90s inland and 80s near the bay. what a beautiful park we have here at sue biermann park and they are enjoying what is a breezy but pleasant evening in san francisco warmer weather coming up next week. that's it live. paul deanno, back to you.
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>> thank you. the mountain lion that snuck around the bay area neighborhood is back in the wild tonight. and now we know he had eyes on him the entire time. >> the crooks picked the wrong guy to mess with. how a bay area crime victim dug up a trail of clues and ultimately cornered the bad guys. ,, your favorite style of cake. endless possibilities. baskin robbins mother's day cake. pick one up today. safeway knows you don't want to fly all over town to find the best deals. that's why they have lots of ways to save. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards. for mother's day weekend two pounds of driscoll's strawberries are just $3.99 moms love tulips. they're just $5.99 a bunch. and brew up starbucks for only $6.99.
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join us, and thrive. - you've probably thought au d be to if you have ever known the frustration of being a crime victim, you have probably thought about how satisfying it would be to catch the crook personally. julie watts introduces us to a man who did exactly that. >> we have a neighborhood watch block for one and i'm part of a foot patrol called the castro community on patrol. >> reporter: brian hill is exactly the kind of guy you want living next door. but not even this diligent member of his neighborhood watch could avoid becoming a victim. >> they get into this backyard network through some neighbor's door and then this climb over the fence.
6:22 pm
>> reporter: over the fence and into his car. and that where crooks scored. >> what they took was the little spare wallet that i had buried under here. >> reporter: a spare wallet holding three credit cards, a california id, and one insurance card. >> this is one of these older medical insurance cards that had my social security number on it. >> reporter: once they have that -- >> they're set. they had everything. and they went to -- they completely went to town. >> reporter: they went to town all overtown and we're not just talking a shopping spree. what does that mean they went to town? >> they decided i needed another place to get my mail so they opened up a mailbox for me here. >> reporter: it took from the neighborhood mail carrier about brian was able to track down the fake mailbox set up in his name and it turned out the store was holding more than his mail. >> they also had video footage of the people that had opened the mailbox including the persons that had assumed my identity. >> reporter: these two guys who opened the mailbox and the guy collecting the mail under your name aren't the only ones
6:23 pm
involved in this identity theft. no. i left one might have credit cards open to see where it would go. >> reporter: so you followed the credit card trail? >> it led me to this best western on 7th street. >> reporter: what did you find? >> i went in and talked to the dis. i asked them if i checked in at the desk. they said yes, you have two rooms for two nights. at that point i thought, okay, now it's time to call the police. >> not only has a victim identified who the thief is, cornered the thief, cops arrested him, there's a prosecution, i mean, i would put more money on getting note from a bull than -- milk from a bull to see a situation like this. >> reporter: he says a victim catching his own thief is almost up heard of. >> it's very rare to see something like this. it truly is. >> reporter: but this rare story also reveals some things everyone should understand about identity theft. first, thieves usually work in teams and the guy who uses your credit card is probably just a foot soldier. >> they street level the lowest level of identity theft is the
6:24 pm
thief with the check or the credit card. the professionals call them chumps or doe does. >> reporter: while those chumps can use your credit cards, they probably don't know how to use your social security number. >> so they will typically sell it or trade it for drugs to others who know what to do with them. that's when it gets dangerous. >> reporter: because that can haunt you forever. the second lesson from this story, thieves almost never get caught. >> we estimate that less than 1% of identity theft crimes are investigated. that's probably an exaggeration. >> reporter: brian our determined victim has personally attended almost every court hearing begging prosecutors and the judge to issue a sentence that sends a message. >> so that he can tell this little networkof people he deals with, stay away from the whole block. you know? in fact, stay out of the castro. >> reporter: now, unfortunately for brian and the castro, that's unlikely. keep in mind that fake mailbox was set up before brian's car was broken into and the people
6:25 pm
who opened it still haven't been caught. there's a chance they don't even know who that guy was that was arrested. >> the guy that they caught at the hotel using the stolen credit cards, he fits sort of the role or stereotype described by the experts, right? >> reporter: right. kind of that low level criminal. the man police found his cards was already out on parole when he was arrested in the hotel room and he could be back on the street by the end of the month and he has a history of petty crimes he blames on drug addiction. it's generally the guys like that who get caught and released while the master minds who have his social security number stay at large. >> he is the dodo, the chump. >> yes. exactly. >> got to love these people. all right. julie, thank you. coming up in our next half hour, the memorial for a bay area student shot and killed tonight. why investigators say the gunman didn't do anything illegal. >> plus, how animal experts have been tracking this
6:26 pm
mountain lion even before it wandered into a bay area neighborhood. >> and why students at nearby schools are taking pride in being losers. ,,,,,,,,,,,, [doorbell rings]
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tonight, the student ng the case to s now at 6:30 just days after the shooting death of this bay area student the gunman is released from jail. tonight, students family is taking the case to san francisco city hall. linda yee reports. >> reporter: the family is inside at this hour pleading their case before the police commissioners. they are demanding that the shooter be taken back to jail. unfortunately, legal experts say the law may work against them. >> we are outraged as family members -- >> reporter: stefan guillermo's family and friends are appealing to the police commissioners. they want the man who shot him to be punished. >> make sure that they hold the investigator's feet to the fire and conduct the investigation that is not just a family demand but the public demands. >> reporter: after a night of drinking with friends, it was 1:30 a.m. saturday when guillermo mistakenly entered the wrong apartment. he les on the fifth floor. he tried to get into an
6:30 pm
apartment two floors below his. investigators say that tenant shot and killed guillermo. but prosecutors say so far, the evidence does not show that the other man did anything illegal. under the california penal code, he has the right to defend himself against an intruder. guillermo's family disagrees. >> his judgment of shooting first and asking questions later is not reasonable and he should be charged. >> reporter: but legal experts say under the "castle" doctrine, the shooter is protected when making an honest and reasonable mistake in his home. >> somebody breaks into your apartment, somebody who is not a member of your family, they are presumed to be there with the intent of doing you harm, which allows you then to retaliate in self-defense and shoot them. >> reporter: prosecutors say they need more evidence if they are going to make any charges. meantime it the investigate every investigation is ongoing. live in san francisco, linda
6:31 pm
yee, kpix 5. cornered, caught and released. one young mountain lion is roaming free back where he belongs after sneaking around a bay area neighborhood. but as kpix 5's da lin reports, turns out he was being tracked all along. da. >> reporter: one of 15 being tracked in the bay area. and i think a lot of young fellas, liz, can relate to this young mountain lion caught here last night. he left his mother about 10 days ago looking for a new territory and in search of love. he found out the hard way, though, no cougar's here! even before this mountain lion was spotted underneath a car, the gps collar on him shows he had been wandering in the streets of santa clara county for a few days. the yellow line tracks his movement. >> here he is crossing 280, the hills, then he starts moving around into downtown mountain view. >> reporter: the two-year-old cat known as 46m even spent
6:32 pm
tuesday morning sleeping outside of a mountain view complex before neighbors spotted him that night. >> he was literally behind these bushes here outside this apartment building. and he was, you know, crouched down and cowering. no one saw him from what i understand on a fairly busy street. >> reporter: the discovery of the cat forced evacuations in the neighborhood. he was cornered in a locked garage on california street. chris wilmer is a biologist who put the tracker collar on 46m back in january, also the man who tranquilized him. >> he stuck his butt out of the rear of the car and i darted him there. >> he retrieved the gps location from the collar. 46m is one of 16 cats in the mountains being followed. another has a color and a female mountain lion in the -- has a collar on a female
6:33 pm
mountain lion in the hills of nature is. they say it's unusual for them to venture into the city but 46m is looking for a new home -- and more. . in mountain view, da lin, kpix 5. >> they plan to track five to six more mountain lions in the diablo range in the summer saying the more we know them the better we can manage their habitat. there's not much left of a car after it wrecked overnight on 680 in danville. we're told the teen driver was trying to outrun police. the chase started in concord. police say the car was stolen. the 19-year-old man behind the wheel is in critical condition. fedex and the bus company involved in the deadly freeway crash near orland are being slapped with another lawsuit. cbs reporter jeff nguyen with why one teen says the fedex driver and the other than of the bus are -- and the owner of
6:34 pm
the bus are negligent. >> it hurts to stand here because of the burn on my leg. >> reporter: the family of the 18-year-old announced a lawsuit filed in superior court today in connection with the april 10 tour bus crash that killed 10 people and left him with second- degree burns to his hands. >> my ears are pretty messed up. my right ear might be infected. >> reporter: investigators say the crash happened after a fedex truck crossed the center median on interstate 5 in the northern california. fedex and the owner of the tour bus silverado stages based in san luis obispo are named in the suit. the complaint alleges the fedex driver negligently recklessly and/or carelessly drove the truck against silverado stages the suit saying the emergency exit procedures in the subject bus were inadequate. >> miles and other students on the bus had difficulty exiting when the fire erupted. >> after getting out of that burks i heard people screaming, help me, i don't want to die. >> reporter: today, fedex released a statement saying, our heartfelt condolences
6:35 pm
remain with everyone touched by this tragic accident. this is not the time to discuss pending litigation. we reached out to silverado stages but haven't heard back. >> on scene, it affirmative, semi versus a tour bus. >> reporter: miles hill is scheduled to have a skin graft tomorrow but his biggest concern is his broken collarbone. >> that is what really worries me. because i'm a violinist. i got it x-rayed as a follow-up yesterday and they said i might never be able to play again. >> reporter: so far, at least five lawsuits have been filed in connection with the crash. the hills are petitioning to have the cases related to it heard in front of the same judge. in downtown los angeles, jeff nguyen, kpix 5. >> coming up next, why so many students are taking pride in being the biggest losers. >> i was having trouble with headaches and migraines. >> she like so many other unable to afford a doctor. >> listen to your heart.
6:36 pm
you can breathe normally. >> tonight how a mobile clinic helps underserved youth stay healthy. >> the kids that we work with, a lot of people have given up on them. but we haven't. >> coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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nutritionists at uc-davis a shaking up school lunches. r students, that means fewer lectures.. and more hands-on experience. rob nutritions at uc-davis are shaking up school lunches. for students that means fewer lectures and more hands on experience. rob mcallister shows us it's making a big difference. >> reporter: she eats lunch with her friends every day but no longer has bad eating habits. garbage is gone and in their place. >> broccoli, lettuce, beans, salad. >> reporter: the changes is thank to a nutrition program. researchers sought to do more than just lecture the kids
6:39 pm
about food. >> we don't make a difference and allow that to take hold and continue if it's not reinforced in their life. >> reporter: for madeline the change was dramatic [ indiscernible ] i actually lost 20 pounds after starting this program. >> reporter: the program includes four parts. classroom education, parent involvement, a student-run garden and making local fruits and vegetables available at school lunches. >> apples! >> reporter: the goal was to get these kids to pick up apples instead of chips. not only did the fourth graders ditch the junk food, many of them are no longer considered obese or overweight. >> roughly a quarter of the kids lose down in a bmi classifications data. >> reporter: body mass index is measured by height and weight. some kids simply grew taller but didn't add any pounds. researchers say the large number of kids who dropped into a normal weight class is very telling of the program's success. >> those drops in bmi sort of are showing a pattern of better
6:40 pm
lifestyle choices. >> reporter: research data side she smiles more these days and is even doing better in school. >> i show them what you can do if you eat all this good stuff. you can change your life. >> scientists say the low cost of the program could enable it to go nationwide. >> if young people can't afford to go to the doctor, meet one physician who makes housecalls to a number of bay area schools. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, let the firorks begin as mark jackson fires back. >> it's been tweeted i'm enemies and i'm being fired. that's not how you to business. >> we have more fireworks in pittsburgh and in oakland but the real fire cracker? >> this is how it feels to be a first rounder. >> brace yourself for the explosive details coming up. ,, ,,,,,, ♪ ♪
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person who can't afford to o th jefferson awar what do you do if you're a young person who can't afford to go to the doctor? this week's jefferson award winner showed veteran journalist sharon chin what he has been doing for nearly 20 years. sharon. >> reporter: well, he is on the road. dr. seth ammerman helps started an immunization clinic for underserved young people in
6:44 pm
east palo alto. then he realized they need a lot more than their shots. through gifts and grants, he launched a clinic on wheels. when the big blue coach rolls in, setup takes about 45 minutes, then the team health van is open. the doctor comes to you. >> just going to listen to your heart. >> reporter: dr. seth ammerman is medical director and founder of the teen health van helping young people like 22-year-old sandy with checkups and more. >> i was having headaches and migraines. >> reporter: the teen health van stops twice a week reaching homeless and low income 10 to 25-year-olds mostly at schools from san francisco to san jose. the 18-year-old community outreach van of lucille packard children's hospital offers comprehensive primary care for free. >> the kids that we work with, a lot of people have given up
6:45 pm
on them. but we haven't. >> reporter: since it started the van has seen more than 15,000 young people and dr. ammerman says it's making a difference. >> we know that we can help these kids turn their lives around. and we see it. >> reporter: today the doctor is at los altos high school with a nurse practical tisch next dietician and social worker for counseling. they commonly encounter problems like alcohol and drugs, anxiety and depression, risky sexual activity, poor nutrition and lack of immunizations. >> let me get your blood pressure. how's it going? >> it's great. >> reporter: this 17-year-old hadn't seen a doctor in years so she and her mother are thankful for the man they call dr. a. >> well, it means a lot. it means to be happy to feel safe. [ non-english language ] >> because there's no other type of health insurance that we can get. >> reporter: 7 out of 10 patients come back for care. the los altos high school vice principal says students trust
6:46 pm
doctor a. >> he is so loving, caring and genuine. the kids understand that he is there just to make their lives better. >> reporter: so for providing free healthcare for underserved young people, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to dr. seth ammerman. >> the van is the original converted rv from 1996. dr. a has funds for a new van to start next spring. but he needs money to pay for all the equipment inside. and there is a lot of equipment inside. >> with the affordable care act, are fewer people using the van? has it impacted that? >> reporter: there are still a lot of people using that. poor working families are still using the health van. if you make more than $24,000 a year for family of four, it's still too much for medicaid and you can't afford the premiums. so they are caught in between. they are still using it. >> yeah. >> thank you, sharon. well, you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online at we'll be right back.
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if you're so tough, crack this thick slice of medium cheddar with your bare hand. i didn't say tough, i said hungry. if you're so hungry, eat this thick slice of medium cheddar with your bare mouth.
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mark jackson went on the offensive today on the dan patrick more than one side of this story it's good the coach got on the line and started talking to people. >> after listening to mark jackson on a national show i got the feeling there was no
6:50 pm
way he was coming back as the head coach of the golden state warriors. he went on the offense on the on the radio one day after being fired by the warriors. >> i go into a meeting to discuss the job opportunity, and before i come out, it's been treated like i'm the enemy and i'm being fired. that's not how you do business. you worry about business relations? >> if you beat the clippers is there any way they would have fired you? >> i'm not sure because at the end of the day we both walked into the meeting and we both were frustrated. that's crazy. nothing was leaked on my side because i felt the same way and i had issues. i'm not sure if the best thing for me going into that office, my mind was made up what i was going on or saying so it wasn't a one-way decision. >> was being a pastor and not relocating to san francisco, under to keep your family in the los angeles area your church obviously very important to you that play a role in any of this? >> it may have for them all of
6:51 pm
a sudden. it did not play a role from day one. i would make the case that if i lived in the bay area, i would be at the office no question less than i was at the head coach at 10:30, 11:00 at night hanging around watching games going over stuff. that wouldn't the case if i lived there. i'd be home playing with my kids, loving my wife and family. if you look for a excuse, you can find the excuse. i'm pulling for the next coach. it will be interesting to see the next step because 51 is not enough. >> two sides to every story. that was jackson's. if you are an a's fan looking for positives now with a doubleheader, the team had two chances to end their longest home losing streak since 2007. coco crisp paid the price for this latest great catch. he left the game with the strained neck at the 4th inning after banging up against the wall.
6:52 pm
felix hernandez is 10-0 at the coliseum but the a's had him on the ropes in game 1. moss off the wall, one runner scores to make it 4-3. the a's tagged felix 11 hits. seattle title it in the 8th, took the lead. mariners win 6-4 in game one. right now though the a's are leading 2-0 in the top of the ninth in game 2 with johnson the closer trying to close it out. pnc park, giants and pirates, belt solo shot his ninth homer of the year. belt drove in all three for the giants against the pirates phenom gary cole. tim lincecum not very good opened with seven straight balls and then starling marte lit him up with an rbi double. lincecum gives up four runs in just four innings. his e.r.a. is 5.55. pirates win 4-3. they take two out of three from the giants. that's jimmy hines. as part of the newest class
6:53 pm
enshrined in the bay area sports hall of fame, tonight along with bob luery there, bob de la salle coach bob lasseter and larusso being inducted into cooperstown later this summer. >> here it's like coming home and resurrecting the glorious '70s, it seems the worst of times. i'm not happy at all with the way that i managed those two world series. with those teams that had three chances to win one, it's something that will haunt me forever. >> owen nolan also going in. the 49ers are expected to take a cornerback with one of their 11 picks in this weekend's draft. who knows, maybe they will hit the jackpot like the seahawks did with their fifth round pick in 2011. >> i'm the best corner in the game! [ screaming ] >> that's the result you gonna get! >> richard sherman signed a 4- year $57 million extension with
6:54 pm
the seahawks that makes him the highest paid cornerback. >> super bowl. >> former stanford star has backed up all the big top with the league best 20 interceptions over the last three seasons. >> the thing that i struggle with, richard, on is confidence level. [ laughter ] >> we're always trying to pump him up and make him feel better about himself and, you know. >> this is how it feels to be a first rounder for one time for a change. they give you a jersey, you stand up in front of all these people and they cut off the lights. i guess, you know, now we're really the show. and you thought dinosaurs were gone from the earth? 65million years ago, think again. a t-rex threw out the first pitch at today's royals, padres game. this happened in san diego. we're trying to verify the authenticity of the dinosaur and we have no confirmation.
6:55 pm
it could happen. >> looks like it ate a guy but there were no guys around. >> could happen. you're not the only dinosaur. >> oh. ouch. [ laughter ] >> all right. >> speaking of old, let's talk to paul about, hey, now -- >> old? >> where weather has gone and where it's going. what's old is new again. >> yes. just had to walk back from the embarcadero had an issue down there so we're back here on television. we made it. here's a peek outside right now. south bay, we are partly sunny. we are seeing an increase in cloud cover ahead of the storm system that will pass by to our north. slight chance of a shower tomorrow. and slightly cooler temperatures. it's pretty brisk outside right now with the breeze increasing this evening, oakland at 61, san bruno 61. livermore you're down to 59 degrees. san francisco also 59. santa rosa the warm spot but you're down to 67. overnight tonight with the clouds moving in, temperatures will not be as chilly. redwood city 50. san jose 51. livermore down to 49. napa 48 degrees. pretty seasonal for this time of ye. let me set the stage for you.
6:56 pm
we have a low pressure area that will pass by to our north. 99% of the rainfall stays away from the bay area. but we cannot rule out a shower or two in the north bay. and actually all of us carry a minimal chance of showers. there will be some coastal drizzle, as well. then a big ridge of high pressure moves in. that's going to do two things. first we're going to get windy. strong low to the east, strong high to the west, caught in between. friday and saturday breezy and sunny. sunday mother's day the ridge of high pressure takes over and we'll be warm for sunday and all of next week. these are your highs for tomorrow. livermore 70. san jose 71. mountain view 70. oakland 67. and san rafael 69 degrees. everybody is cloudy tomorrow it. the best chance of a few showers will be north of the golden gate. that's you in sonoma county, lake county, mendocino county. now, friday we're not much warmer but we certainly will be sunnier. 73 inland. 66 near the bay. mother's day though the wind saturday windy, as well. goes down. temperatures go up. 85 inland. 75 near the bay. even close to 70 along the
6:57 pm
coastline. next week at least the first half of next week will be warm to hot. 90s inland starting tuesday. and mid-80s near the bay. so we are getting warmer. it's going to take a few more days to get there and don't be surprised if the windshield gets wet tomorrow. jinxed everyone or helped everyone wash the car today which virtually guarantees rain tomorrow so our rain chance doubles. >> always that way. >> very nice of you. >> you're welcome. well, if you are looking for something to do this mother's day this weekend to enjoy the weather check out this little guy. it's a red panda who put on a show for his debut at the san francisco zoo today. 10 months old. it has a little new treehouse. cute. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
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"family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how you folks doing? come on, kellys. thank y'all very much. thank you very much. thank you. appreciate y'all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got good one for you today, folks. returning for their second day from one of my favorite cities, philly, baby. philadelphia, pa, it's the rocchi family. and from right here in atlanta, georgia, it's the kelly family. everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new, fuel-efficient ford fusion let's get it on, everybody. give me jo-ann. give me patricia. let's go.